What Business Would You Classify As the Best Rated Online Business?

This debates been going on ever since online business began. Generally when you rate something you give it a scale of measure. If you rate something out of ten with ten being the highest value and five average it then becomes easier to judge what is being measured. You are actually making a decision on whether something is poor average or good and making your intentions clearer to understand by rating.You would expect that the “best rated online business” would measure up to at least nine or ten out of ten in scale. The question must be asked though, what justifies giving an online business a ten out of ten rating. Now we know there are very good, average and very bad online businesses but which is which?Someone trying to sell you a bad online business system is obviously just looking out for his or her own interests. It’s these cons or sharks who prey on sincere individuals who are just looking to make some extra income from home or maybe even a total change of career. There are many thousands of individuals who search online every week for an online business opportunity and at the same time are inundated with hundreds of money making schemes.Especially when there is a recession taking place or people are just being laid off from work many people turn to the internet hoping to find something that produces an income. Unfortunately a lot of these people will get burned, no doubt about it! There are too many very disappointing opportunities on the world wide web.You need to tread cautiously and beware of the sharks. They try to package something as being very easy to do ( e.g. lotto mentality or something for virtually nothing) and simple to set up while at the same time reminding you of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars you could make. These businesses have no follow up education or ongoing support, and this is the important key to watch out for, they must have ongoing training and provide regular access to and contact with a real person.Today anyone can make a business landing page look glitzy with lots of bling and extremely appealing with piles of cash expensive cars and massive mansions plastered all over it. Whatever you do don’t fall for it. Do your homework or better still talk to someone who already has success from their online business first before you sign up for anything.At the moment they estimate well over 1.5 billion people have access to the internet in over 160 countries. This market is huge and as individuals we can hardly comprehend the enormity or diversity while having all this access from one computer. This is a lot more traffic than any shopping mall would ever hope to achieve and they charge rent.The opportunities available for these crooks preying on the vulnerable and uninformed are enormous. Very rarely is it as easy as they say it is. You know the old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true thats because it probably is” and this especially applies to an online business opportunity.But don’t be discouraged. Just because there are many poor quality online businesses doesn’t mean they all are. For an internet opportunity to be classed as a “best rated online business” it does need to tick certain boxes.The first thing you need to ask yourself is if this business is truly going to help my customers or is it just a money making scam. You need to find a business that provides real value to people. You need an online business that can provide you with a monthly income of what most people earn in a year or in other words it must be worth your while and preferably without any inventory.You must have total support, like being a member of a community of entrepreneurs that work together as a team, to help you through the initial start up and establishment process. This in turn will help those who are not as computer literate as others. Mentors who’s best interest is to see you succeed with residual incomes which set you and them up for life.And most important, and the major key in determining a poor, average or excellent online business is education. This includes daily instruction calls, webinars, conferences, someone you can actually ring up and talk to as well as numerous other resources you can access. You need to be around people who are actually achieving the results. You must look at all these factors to give yourself the best possible chance of success.